Company valuation

In collaboration with AS "Capitalia", SIA "Lursoft IT" has created a company valuation tool, which allows to easily determine the value of a business. The business value indicates the overall success of the company, taking into account rentability, growth and debt.

SAIMNIEKS-MS, Sabiedriba ar ierobezotu atbildibu

Name Sabiedriba ar ierobezotu atbildibu "SAIMNIEKS-MS"
Register Commercial register
Legal form Limited responsibility company
Date of registration 02.03.1993
Registration number 40103083513
Valuation is not calculated

Data processing price: 1.00 EUR


In addition, it is possible to obtain an express business assessment, which is a individually prepared company's equity valuation report by AS Capitalia - a valuer, registered in the Enterprise Register. The assessment shall include an analysis of the company's financial performance, industry performance and business value, as well as comments on the influencing factors of valuation. To apply for Express business assessment, please contact AS Capitalia professionals.

Methodology used

The business valuation methodology is based on the comparative company method, which is one of the most internationally recognized business valuation methods. The caluation is based on the historical financial results submitted by the company. The value calculation includes historical company and industry turnover, turnover increase and rentability indicators. Additional inforation on the comparative company method is available at the website: The website is also gathering recommendations, opinions and valuation samples related to the company valuation and increasing the company value.

use of the valuation

The company valuation can be used in order to follow the success of your own or another company, as well as to evaluate your clients or business partners in terms of stability and results of company operations. In order to reach a high business value, a company must fulfill equally high turnover, rentability and growth indicators. The business value calculated marks the price, which the company owner might receive by selling the company. This valuation can be used as an indicator for the further asessment of the company buy/sell price of the deal. However, in order to take into account the specifics of every business, a precise business value report should be ordered from experts of the field.

  • The following main factors can be the reason of a company value 0:
    • Company has high amounts of debt;
    • Company has experienced major losses.
  • The following main factors can be the reason of no calculation of the company value:
    • Company has not submitted the latest Annual Reports;
    • Company is operating in finance or real estate industries, which cannot be valued due to the industry specifics that do not comply with the algorythm.