The real estate database contains open text data from the Cadastral Information System open text and geospatial data, data from the real estate market database, the open data of the State Building Control Office, data on sanctions applied in state-maintained registers, and auction data published by the judicial administration.
The service allows you to search for real estate by cadastral number, cadastral object identifier, or address. An authorized user additionally has the ability to select data on the area of real estate, cadastral value, a form of ownership, and other conditions for data selection.
As a result of data selection, the real estate cadastral number, address, and link to the real estate deal report are displayed. Read more

The report, in accordance with the type of real estate, shows the basic data, the composition of the property (type of cadastral object, cadastral object identifier, apartment ownership in the form of a share in common property or undivided parts of real estate, the numerator and denominator, address) property rights (type of cadastral object, cadastral object identifier, the status of a person, the status of a person’s property right), cadastral value of the property, right corroboration information

(number of the section of the Land Register, name of the section of the Land Registers of district courts, a mark whether the changes made to the cadastral data are fixed in the Land Register), encumbrances (type of cadastral object, cadastral object identifier, classification code and explanation, encumbrance serial number of in land unit, determination date of encumbrance, the area and unit of measurement corresponding to the encumbrance), data on sanctions applied in state-maintained registers, data on real estate transactions property (type of deal, object, date of the deal, link to deal data report) auction data.
Data containing information of limited availability (for example, about objects important for national security and defense of the state), or data that is available only to an identified person (for example, data of a cadastral subject (owner, legal owner, user), data, arrangement data of groups of premises and data characterizing the premises) not available.

Siguldas novads » Krimuldas pagasts » Gāzes krātuve 5

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No.Real estate cadastre numberReal estate typeAddress or administrative territoryFollowAdditional data
180680070421Land and building property"Gāzes krātuve 5", Krimuldas pagasts, Siguldas novads, LV-2144
Property name: Gāzes krātuve - 5
Property data updated: 10.07.2024

Data source and license: Open text and spatial data of the Cadastre Information System, Open data of the Real Estate Market Database, Open data of the State Building Control Office, Open data of the Ministry of Justice "Data on the applied sanctions in state-maintained registers", open data license Creative Commons Attribution, Judicial Administration e - auction data, OpenStreetMap