Real estate card (cadastral number:32700070507)

Cadastral number:32700070507

Administrative area: Aizkraukles novads

Administrative area: Aizkraukles novads

Basic data

Real estate cadastre number
Real estate cadastre number: 
Real estate type
Real estate type: 
Land and building property
Administrative area
Administrative area: 

Actual data

Actual data. Property composition (3)

Actual data. Ownership (2)

Actual data. Real estate cadastre value (4)

Historical data (8)


Property data updated: 10.07.2024.

Data source and license: Open text and spatial data of the Cadastre Information System, Open data of the Real Estate Market Database, Open data of the State Building Control Office, Open data of the Ministry of Justice "Data on the applied sanctions in state-maintained registers", open data license Creative Commons Attribution, Judicial Administration e - auction data, OpenStreetMap