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Data search criterion: Pavel Fleišer; Status: All records; Country, category: LV: Person
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No.CountryTypeNumber of objectObject nameFollowAdditional data
1Person***Bursa Pāvels (Pavel)
2Person***Čuduks (Chuduk) Pāvels (Pavel)
3Person***Gončerevičs (Hancharevich) Pāvels (Pavel)
4Person***Herva (Herva) Pāvels (Pavel)
5Person***Ignatovičs (Ignatovič) Pavels (Pavel)
6Person***Karimovs (Karymov) Pavels (Pavel)
7Person***Kosarevs (Kosarev) Pavels (Pavel)
8Person***Lukičevs (Lukichev) Pāvels (Pavel)
9Person***Marčenko (Marchenko) Pavels (Pavel)
10Person***Medvedjevs (Medvedev) Pāvels (Pavel)
11Person***Ogluzdins (OGLUZDIN) Pāvels (PAVEL)
12Person***Stepurins (Stepurin) Pavels (Pavel)
13Person***Ščedrovickis (Shchedrovitskiy) Pāvels (Pavel)
14Person***Varunins (Varunin) Pāvels (Pavel)
15Person***Ababii Pavel
16Person***Agronin Pavel
17Person***Ahronin Pavel
18Person***Altukhov Pavel
19Person***Andronov Pavel
20Person***Andronov Pavel