Lithuanian company search

Lursoft in cooperation with the Lithuanian Centre of Registers provides access to the database of Lithuanian companies that is integrated with the Lursoft system. Requests are processed online ensuring that the database is updated at the moment of verification.
The amount of data and the content of the certificate depends on the type of company and the available data. For example, data on participants from the Lithuanian register is obtained about those participants (shareholders) who own 100% of the shares.
In turn, in the alphabetical catalog of Lithuanian enterprises, it is possible to search by the name of the enterprise and registration number, the results are sorted in the form of a list in alphabetical order. The company's public card displays the name, legal form, registration code, date when the status was entered in the register, address, and authorized capital. With an authorized role, you can additionally view the company's financial data (balance sheet, profit and loss). The source of data for the alphabetical catalog of Lithuanian enterprises is the publicly available data of the Lithuanian Register of Enterprises.

A sample of the report of a Lithuanian company

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