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Registration No/Personal ID number:48703000230
Name/Name, Surname:Jutta, Sabiedriba ar ierobezotu atbildibu
Address:Aizkraukles nov., Aizkraukle, Gaismas iela 12

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Procesa veids:Legal protection process
Nature of the process:Local
Event:29.09.2016. Instigation of a legal protection process 27.09.2016
Event:13.01.2017. Appointment of an administrator in a legal protection process 12.01.2017
Administrator:Laizane Diana
Address of the practice place: Slokas iela 37, Riga, LV-1048
Certificate No.: 00365
Certificate issue date: 20.06.2015
Date of annulment/cancellation of the certificate: 12.12.2017
Phone Number: 67668361
Fax Number: 67668363
Entry done:13.01.2017
Administrators data changed:20.03.2018
Event:17.02.2017. Announcement of enforcement of a legal protection process 15.02.2017
TAP īstenošanas termiņš: 2 year and which is to be counted from the day, when an entry is made in the insolvency register regarding declaration of the insolvency proceedings of a debtor
Event:04.04.2017. Specified methods in legal protection proceedings plan 30.09.2016
Suspension the fulfilment of payment obligation
Basic debt, penalty or percent cancellation or reduction
Event:05.10.2017. Approval of amendments to a legal protection process 03.10.2017
Event:20.03.2018. Dismissal of an administrator in a legal protection process 27.02.2018
Event:20.03.2018. Appointment of an administrator in a legal protection process 02.03.2018
Administrator:Auzins Rinalds
Address of the practice place: Gertrudes iela 32-3, Riga, LV-1011
Certificate No.: 00512
Certificate issue date: 11.10.2017, 15.08.2019
Date for dismissal or resignation: . .
Phone Number: 29206569
Fax Number: 67297690
Entry done:20.03.2018
Event:12.04.2019. Termination of a legal protection process 04.04.2019
Scanned documents:
TypeDocument dateCase volume, pageOptionsData processing price
Court decision/verdict27.09.2016 page(s): 44pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary29.09.2016 page(s): 45pdf View 0.00 EUR
Court decision/verdict12.01.2017 page(s): 46-47pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary13.01.2017 page(s): 48pdf View 0.00 EUR
Court decision/verdict15.02.2017 page(s): 49-58pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary17.02.2017 page(s): 59pdf View 0.00 EUR

Data processing price: 0.00 EUR