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Process card

Registration No/Personal ID number:40003433011
Name/Name, Surname:JULATS, SIA (Liquidated 04.10.2010)
Address:Riga, Lubanas iela 82-315

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Procesa veids:Insolvency process
Nature of the process:Local
Event:24.11.2009. Instigation of an insolvency litigation case 23.11.2009
Event:26.11.2009. Appointment of an administrator in an insolvency process case 25.11.2009
Administrator:Bergmanis Dainis
Address of the practice place: Rigas iela 2A-60 (a.k.7), Pinki, Babites pag., Babites nov., LV-2107
Official's certificate issue date: 01.01.2003, 31.12.2011, 31.12.2013, 31.12.2015, 01.03.2018
Date for dismissal or resignation: 28.12.2018
Mobile Phone Number: 29140302
Entry done:26.11.2009
Administrators data changed:01.04.2010
Event:08.04.2010. Announcement of an insolvency process 31.03.2010
Deadline for creditors to apply: 1 month and which is to be counted from the day, when an entry is made in the insolvency register regarding declaration of the insolvency proceedings of a debtor
Event:29.06.2010. First creditors' meeting 08.07.2010 10:00, Vilandes iela 5-4, Riga
Event:27.07.2010. Decision of the creditors' meeting on commencement of a bankruptcy procedure 08.07.2010
Event:04.08.2010. Final creditors' meeting 20.08.2010 10:00, Riga, Vilandes iela 5-4, 3. stavs
Event:01.09.2010. Decision of the creditors' meeting on termination of a bankruptcy procedure 20.08.2010
Event:16.09.2010. Court ruling on termination of insolvency status 15.09.2010
Scanned documents:
TypeDocument dateCase volume, pageOptionsData processing price
Court decision/verdict23.11.2009 page(s): 138pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary24.11.2009 page(s): 139pdf View 0.00 EUR
Court decision/verdict25.11.2009 page(s): 140pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary26.11.2009 page(s): 141pdf View 0.00 EUR
Court decision/verdict31.03.2010 page(s): 142-145pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary08.04.2010 page(s): 146pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary08.04.2010 page(s): 147pdf View 0.00 EUR
Notice about creditor meeting and agenda21.06.2010 page(s): 148pdf View 0.00 EUR
Application for making a record in the insolvency register regarding creditors meeting21.06.2010 page(s): 149pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary29.06.2010 page(s): 150pdf View 0.00 EUR
Creditor meetings protocol/decision08.07.2010 page(s): 151-162pdf View 0.00 EUR
Administrators cover letter19.07.2010 page(s): 163pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary27.07.2010 page(s): 164pdf View 0.00 EUR
Notice about creditor meeting and agenda30.07.2010 page(s): 165pdf View 0.00 EUR
Application for making a record in the insolvency register regarding creditors meeting30.07.2010 page(s): 166-168pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary04.08.2010 page(s): 169pdf View 0.00 EUR
Creditor meetings protocol/decision20.08.2010 page(s): 170-178pdf View 0.00 EUR
Administrators cover letter30.08.2010 page(s): 179pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary01.09.2010 page(s): 180pdf View 0.00 EUR
Court decision/verdict15.09.2010 page(s): 181-182pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary16.09.2010 page(s): 183pdf View 0.00 EUR
State archive reference or assimilated document27.09.2010 page(s): 184pdf View 0.00 EUR
Application29.09.2010 page(s): 185pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary04.10.2010 page(s): 186pdf View 0.00 EUR

Data processing price: 0.00 EUR