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Process card

Registration No/Personal ID number:51203026151
Name/Name, Surname:ASKOS-1, Sabiedriba ar ierobezotu atbildibu (Liquidated 25.05.2010)
Address:Ventspils, Vasarnicu iela 9

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Procesa veids:Insolvency process
Nature of the process:Local
Event:16.09.2008. Instigation of an insolvency litigation case 12.09.2008
Event:23.09.2008. Appointment of an administrator in an insolvency process case 16.09.2008
Administrator:Sterninieks Janis
Address of the practice place: Martas iela 5, Riga, LV-1011
Certificate issue date: 31.12.2011, 31.12.2013, 31.12.2015
Date of annulment/cancellation of the certificate: 05.02.2018
Mobile Phone Number: 29269926, 28489585
Entry done:23.09.2008
Administrators data changed:25.05.2009
Event:29.10.2008. Announcement of an insolvency process 22.10.2008
Deadline for creditors to apply: 1 month and which is to be counted from the day, when an entry is made in the insolvency register regarding declaration of the insolvency proceedings of a debtor
Event:15.12.2008. First creditors' meeting 14.01.2008 13:00, Riga, Balta iela 3/9, 804.kab.
Event:02.03.2009. Court ruling on solution of insolvency status 25.02.2009
Initiation of the bankruptcy procedure
Event:31.03.2009. Regular creditors' meeting 16.04.2009 12:30, Riga, Balta iela 3/9, 804.kab. (8.stava)
Event:22.02.2010. Final creditors' meeting 25.03.2010 13:00, Riga, Traleru iela 2A, 2.stavs
Event:30.03.2010. Decision of the creditors' meeting on termination of a bankruptcy procedure 25.03.2010
Notes:Nosleguma kreditoru sapulces protokola Nr.3 lemums Nr.6.1.
Event:28.04.2010. Court ruling on termination of insolvency status 26.04.2010
Scanned documents:
TypeDocument dateCase volume, pageOptionsData processing price
Court decision/verdict12.09.2008pdf View 0.00 EUR
The Court cover sheet12.09.2008pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary16.09.2008pdf View 0.00 EUR
Court decision/verdict16.09.2008pdf View 0.00 EUR
The Court cover sheet16.09.2008pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary23.09.2008pdf View 0.00 EUR
Court decision/verdict22.10.2008pdf View 0.00 EUR
The Court cover sheet24.10.2008pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary29.10.2008pdf View 0.00 EUR
Notice for creditors10.12.2008pdf View 0.00 EUR
Creditors' meetings agenda10.12.2008pdf View 0.00 EUR
Application for making a record in the insolvency register regarding creditors meeting10.12.2008pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary15.12.2008pdf View 0.00 EUR
Creditors' meeting minutes with attachments are not added to the file registration.20.01.2009pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary25.02.2009 page(s): 43pdf View 0.00 EUR
The Court cover sheet26.02.2009 page(s): 44pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary02.03.2009 page(s): 45pdf View 0.00 EUR
Notice for creditors24.03.2009 page(s): 46pdf View 0.00 EUR
Creditors' meetings agenda24.03.2009 page(s): 47pdf View 0.00 EUR
Application for making a record in the insolvency register regarding creditors meeting24.03.2009 page(s): 48pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary31.03.2009 page(s): 49pdf View 0.00 EUR
Creditors' meeting minutes with attachments are not added to the file registration.16.04.2009pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary25.05.2009 page(s): 50pdf View 0.00 EUR
Application for making a record in the insolvency register regarding creditors meeting16.02.2010 page(s): 53pdf View 0.00 EUR
Creditors' meetings agenda16.02.2010 page(s): 52pdf View 0.00 EUR
Notice for creditors16.02.2010 page(s): 51pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary22.02.2010 page(s): 54pdf View 0.00 EUR
Creditor meetings protocol/decision25.03.2010 page(s): 55-62pdf View 0.00 EUR
Other documents25.03.2010 page(s): 63pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary30.03.2010 page(s): 64pdf View 0.00 EUR
Court decision/verdict26.04.2010 page(s): 65-66pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary28.04.2010 page(s): 670.00 EUR
State archive reference or assimilated document11.05.2010 page(s): 68pdf View 0.00 EUR
Other documents21.05.2010 page(s): 69pdf View 0.00 EUR
Decision of the notary25.05.2010 page(s): 700.00 EUR

Data processing price: 0.00 EUR