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Process card

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Name/Name, Surname:Saurelis Girts
Procesa veids:Insolvency process
Nature of the process:Local
Event:18.12.2018. Announcement of insolvency proceedings, initiation of bankruptcy proceedings, appointment of administrator in the insolvency proceedings process 17.12.2018
Administrator:Kulbergs Janis
Address of the practice place: Martinu iela 7, Skultes pag., Skulte, Limbazu nov., LV-4025
Certificate No.: 00506
Certificate issue date: 11.10.2017, 15.08.2019, 12.10.2019
Date for dismissal or resignation: . .
Phone Number: 29268552
Entry done:18.12.2018
Term of realizing of a bankruptcy procedure:
Event:15.03.2019. Declaration of debt cancellation procedures 14.03.2019
Event:02.10.2020. Termination of insolvency proceedings 01.10.2020

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