The State Agencies “Agricultural Data Centre” Data Base

The State’s agency “Agricultural Data Centre” is supervised by the Agricultural Ministry and in 1997, was established to compile data for zoo technical services, veterinary and agricultural historical documentation services for the Data Base. Processing and analysis of data within the State is aimed at introducing a singular animal and farm animal registration with information of herd records corresponding to international regulations.

Lursoft in conjunction with the State Owned “Agricultural Data Base Centre” guarantee access to herd book registrations.

The herd book registration data base can be accessed by the internet. It offers information on:

  • The registration of herd books and livestock.
  • Livestock and stalls.
  • Ownership of livestock and stalls.
  • The registration of livestock.


The Livestock Registration Data Base offers information on:

  • Livestock numbers
  • Addresses.
  • Animal breeds.
  • Date of registration.


The data base can be accessed via the Live-stock Registration data base homepage.