The State Agencies “Agricultural Data Centre” Data Base

The handler of the Agricultural Data Centre Information System (LDC) is a public administration institution subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture - Agricultural Data Center Republic of Latvia. SIA "Lursoft IT" being a processor provides authorized users with access to unclassified information registered in the LDC. Data about herds, animals and stalls is available to users.

The herd book registration data base can be accessed by the internet. It offers information on:

  • The registration of herd books and livestock.
  • Livestock and stalls.
  • Ownership of livestock and stalls.
  • The registration of livestock.


The Livestock Registration Data Base offers information on:

  • Livestock numbers
  • Addresses.
  • Animal breeds.
  • Date of registration.


The data base can be accessed via the Live-stock Registration data base homepage.