The Latvian Court Verdicts Database

The Latvian Court Verdicts Database has all information regarding analytical processed Latvian court verdicts and decisions.

To guarantee a wider access of Latvian court rulings, Lursoft newly established “Latvia’s Court Rulings Database”, offers complete judicial hearings texts. This is the largest internet access site of Latvian Court Rulings.

The system allows the user to access the development tendencies of court practices. The user now has access to similar adjudications of relevant rights and standards in similar instances.

The Court Adjudicated Database is integrated with the Latvian Regulated Acts system Latlex, a convenient means of finding regulated acts of adjudications for court decisions.

A wider court adjudication data base review

The Latvian Court’s Adjudication Database can be accessed by Lursoft Expert subscription clients.

Please use the login page to access the database.