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“Lursoft IT” will provide access to up-to-date and consistently reliable information from various resources in one place, modern automated solutions for risk reduction and easy-to-use debt recovery tools..


  • About companies and institutions in Latvia - extensive current and historical information about companies, associations, institutions and other organizations (see more...)

  • Certificate with current registration data, incl. officials, owners and beneficial owners;
  • Current and historical collateral, commercial pledges, tax debts and late payments;
  • Insolvency proceedings (including legal protection proceedings) and information on suspended economic activity;
  • Annual reports and financial analysis;
  • AML report;
  • Graphs of a person's relationship with companies in Latvia;
  • Company victories in procurements announced by the Procurement Monitoring Bureau;
  • Information from court hearings in which the defendant or plaintiff is the particular company;
  • Notarized power of attorney revoked by the company.


  • About foreign companies - actual data about companies from more than 20 different countries (see more...)

Registration data available for companies in these countries, data on officials and owners, annual reports (data extent in each country can be different):

  • Austria 
  • Jersey
  • France
  • Guernsey
  • Gibraltar
  • Estonia
  • Italy
    • Ireland
    • Great Britain
    • Lithuania
    • Luxembourg
    • Macedonia
    • Malta
    • Norway
    • Serbia
    • Slovenia
    • Finland
    • Spain
    • Germany
    • Sweden


  • About individuals - current and historical data as well as analytical services about person from public registers (see more...)
  • Graph which reflects person’s relationship with Latvian companies;
  • Positions of a person, participation of a procurator and the status of a real beneficiary in Latvian companies;
  • Collateral as a shareholder;
  • Insolvency proceedings;
  • Commercial pledges;
  • Matrimonial property agreement.


Easily receive the information from various registers and other information sources (see more...)

  • CSDD register;
  • Land book and cadastre;
  • Register of tractor equipment;
  • Register of herds and holdings;
  • Search in documents (scanned company registration documents, court decisions, etc.);
  • Search in the inheritance register, etc. 


Receive information by e-mail when important changes has happened for company or individuals. The automated solution not only reduces risks, but also helps to complete the requirements of the NILLTFN law.(see more...)

Choose for which events you want to receive information about:

  • Events of the Register of Enterprises;
  • Insolvency events;
  • Changes in VAT register;
  • SRS tax debt monitoring;
  • Monitoring of the late payment database;
  • Collateral monitoring;
  • Monitoring of court calendar;
  • Monitoring of companies excise goods licenses;
  • Monitoring of the Register of Construction Merchants;
  • CSDD registry event monitoring and others. 

Learn more about the "Client Portfolio" monitoring solution here


A convenient and effective online tool for recovering receivables from companies registered in Latvia. (see more...)

Put information about the debt, generate an automatic letter and send it to the debtor. In case the payment is not made within the specified term, the information about the debt will be published in the Late Payment Database and available in the Lursoft company statement in the encumbrance block.

Learn more about the debt recovery tool "Debtor Portfolio" here


services online or use it for automated customer monitoring and data integration in your system.

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Small Business Pack Professional Pack AML Pack

Suitable for small entrepreneurs whose partners and customers are located in Latvia. This pack includes reports for research of companies, monitoring and debt recovery.

Suitable for different area and size companies and professionals who need information from different registers.

Suitable for companies that need data for customer research, Prevention of money laundering for law enforcement and preservation of evidence of research.

  • Full company report
  • AML report
  • Relationship Graph
  • Persons profile
  • Annual reports and multi-report for several years
  • Financial analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Encumbrances
  • Court hearings
  • Notices on procurement results
  • Search in the documents

and other information

  • Full company report
  • AML report
  • Relationship Graph
  • Persons profile
  • Annual reports and multi-report for several years
  • Financial analysis
  • Encumbrances
  • Court hearings
  • Notices on procurement results
  • Search in the documents
  • Extended analysis of a company
  • Person’s dossier
  • European Business register
  • UK and Lithuanian register
  • Land book and cadastre
  • CSDD
and other information
  • Full company report
  • AML report
  • Relationship Graph
  • Persons profile
  • Annual reports
  • Encumbrances
  • Search in the documents

and other information

Monitoring for customer custody

  • Suspended economic activities
  • Changes in VAT register data
  • Insolvency events

and other type of monitoring

Monitoring for costumer custody

  • Change in registration data
  • Insolvency events
  • Suspended economic activity
  • Changes in tax arrears 
  • Court hearings monitoring
  • Changes in the Register of Construction Merchants
  • Changes in the register of excise goods licenses 

and other type of monitoring

Monitoring for costumer custody

  • Changes in the company’s officials, members or beneficial owners
  • Suspended economic activity
  • Insolvency events
  • Court hearings monitoring
  • Monitoring of sanctions

and other type of monitoring

Debt recovery tool  Debt recovery tool Debt recovery tool
Started from 19 EUR per month Started from 30 EUR per month Started from 22 EUR per month
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Debtor Portfolio subscription 

Subscription to the online tool for recovery of receivables from legal entities registered in Latvia. Submitted late payments are published in the Late Payments database and reflected in the statement of each company. Subscription price 90 EUR/year.

About the subscription

Client Portfolio subscription 

Subscription for the use of monitoring services which allows you to conveniently and easily follow the changes in various registers, about legal persons and individuals. More than 150 different types of monitoring are available. The subscription price depends on the number of selected monitoring subjects and it’s started from 17,50 EUR / per month for 100 subjects..

About the subscription

News subscription 

Newspaper libraries News subscription provides access to more than 100 different newspapers in Latvia. Current publications are supplemented by both central and regional media. Articles are available electronically with the ability to search or select by interested keywords. The archive of publications has been accumulated since year 1992. Subscription price - 7 EUR/per month.

About the subscription


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