Special offer for Students

Students of all educational institutions are provided with the opportunity to access Lursoft databases for project/assignment completion purposes.

The price of a Students Set is 7.11 EUR (VAT included). Once the access has been activated, the student can use Lursoft databases for 2 months. Any student can use this opportunity twice a calendar year.

One access period allows up to 100 requests with the opportunity to use the following sources:

  • Information about companies, board members, power of attorney holders, shareholders;
  • Financial data regarding the enterprise – Annual Reports, financial analysis;
  • Industry financial indicators;
  • Information from the Registry of Commercial Pledges;
  • Information from the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Database;
  • Relationship Graph;
  • Persons’ Profile;
  • Statistical data.


Currently the online service is provided for:


If your higher education institution is not providing such services yet, you may apply for the Students Set by:

  • Personally visiting our office in Matīsa Street 8, Riga, Latvia (Monday - Thursday 8:30 – 17:30, Friday 8:30 – 16:30). You will be asked to show a valid student ID card and pay the access fee of 7.11 EUR.
  • Filling the application form:


Name *
Last name *
Personal ID number *
Email *
Educational Institution name *
Other Educational Institution (not on the list)
Number of Student ID card *
Expiration date of the Student ID card *
Attach a document (report from your University or a copy of your valid Student ID as PDF, JPG or PNG) *

All spaces marked with * must be filled

I agree, that Lursoft has the right to contact the educational institution in order to make sure of the validity of the submitted personal data, according to the information provided in the registration form. I approve that:

  • I am informed about the services available within the offer;
  • The services received within the Students Set offer will only be used for academic purposes;
  • All terms of use of Lursoft systems


Special offer for students to use Lursoft databases