Special offer for Students

Students of all educational institutions are provided with the opportunity to access Lursoft databases for project/assignment completion purposes and get a special "Students set" – it allows you to obtain information about Latvian business environment – get industry data and extensive information about companies registered in Latvia.

What is included in "Students set"?

Once the access has been activated, the student can use Lursoft databases and analytical services for 2 months.


  • Information about companies – board members, power of attorney holders, shareholders, the amount of tax pay and etc.;
  • Inquiries of public persons and institutions with their officials;
  • Catalogs (Catalogue of types of activities of companies, Catalog of sanctions etc.);
  • Search in documents;
  • Statistics data.


Up to 100 data requests within 2 months with the possibility to use the following data sources:

  • Information about companies – historical data about officials, procurations, members;
  • Financial data regarding the enterprise – Annual reports, financial analysis;
  • Industry financial indicators;
  • Information from the Registry of Commercial Pledges;
  • Information from the Insolvency register;
  • Relationship Graph and Relationship Graph in map;
  • Persons’ Profile;
  • AML report;
  • IUB procurement results;
  • Downloading of scanned documents.


How much the "Student set" cost?

The special offer "Student set" for participants of educational institutions only 7,11 EUR (VAT incl.).

How often the special "Students set" can be used?

Each student can purchase the "Students set" twice a year.


How to purchase?

Apply online using the university’s information system

For Bank University students Apply
For "Turība" University students Apply
For Daugavpils University students Apply
For Information System Management University students (ISMA) Apply
For University of Latvia students Apply
For Liepaja University students Apply
For Riga Graduate School of Law students Apply
For Riga Technical University students Apply
For Ventspils University students Apply
For Stockholm School of Economics in Riga Apply

Filling the application form 


Name *
Last name *
Personal ID number *
Email *
Educational Institution name *
Other Educational Institution (not on the list)
Number of Student ID card *
Expiration date of the Student ID card *
Attach a document (report from your University or a copy of your valid Student ID as PDF, JPG or PNG)*

All spaces marked with * must be filled.

I agree, that Lursoft has the right to contact the educational institution in order to make sure of the validity of the submitted personal data, according to the information provided in the registration form. I approve that:

  • I am informed about the services available within the offer;
  • The services received within the Students Set offer will only be used for academic purposes;
  • All terms of use of Lursoft systems.



When preparing a homework it is necessary to analyze larger amount of data, for example, for the research of companies region or industry, you can use the Data Selection service offered by Lursoft. 

Data selection are created based on criteria chosen by you, for example:

  • Industry;
  • Region;
  • Turnover;
  • Number of employees; 
  • Other financial or business parameters characterizing the operation of the company.


The database, which is prepared in Excel format, can contain any necessary data about the company. Frequently selected data:

  • Basic data of the company;
  • Industry;
  • Number of employees for several years;
  • Data included in annual reports for several years;
  • And other information


The price of the data selection service will depend on the selection criteria, the size of the database, returned data included in the database. To find out the costs of the Data Selection service, please contact our support team by sending an e-mail to info@lursoft.lv or reach us via phone + 371 67 844 292.


Watch a lecture about "Students set" and how to use and get the data for your needs: