Road Transport and Vehicle Safety Authorities Data Base

The RTA is a share based company, owned by the State, which in accordance with applicable Statutes operates motor vehicle registration, enrolments for motor vehicle drivers licence examinations , the issuing of driver's licenses, motor vehicle technical inspections, supervisory management of roadways, transportation vehicles and management of the establishment and enforcement of State transport legislation.

Lurfsoft in conjunction with the RTA, has provided an easily accessible data base for structuring and provisions.

Using the RTA data base, the user can access:

  • Transport resources registration data.
  • Personal drivers licences.
  • Registrations of commercial pledges or non-secured transport resources.

A search through the Data Base offers:

  • Motor vehicle registrations numbers.
  • Business registration numbers.
  • Personal codes (if there are inspections for drivers licences).

The data base can be accessed via the RTA home-page.