Register of commercial pledges

In the last years when the market economy has rapidly developed and has entered the continental legal scope, need for new, widely used obligation guarantee instruments was developed, which would stimulate economic development, this way ensuring to the participants of the economic circulation possibilities to receive credits according to their interests and opportunities.

Thus, by the end of the nineties a new type of collateral right was developed – commercial pledges that provided an opportunity to pledge personal property without assigning it under the possession of a collateral owner, but by registering the commercial pledges rights in a corresponding register.

About commercial pledges

About each of the commercial pledges in the database you can find out:

  • description of the property at pawn;
  • maximum amount of request;
  • parties of the commercial pledge registration act - holders, givers, debtors (for every - name, reg. nr., address);
  • date of registration and clearance (in case, the act has been cleared);
  • comments about the registration.


Search for commercial pledge acts

Statistical data

Lursoft regularly publishes free of charge statistics about registered commercial pledges from the Commercial pledges database, their number and total amount of money requested. Also data about biggest commercial pledges holders is provided. Upon clients’ request Lursoft prepares a special statistics overview from databases.

Commercial pledges database is integrated with other databases offered by Lursoft, which offers an opportunity on the spot, without performing additional actions verify all parties involved in the deal by employing mutual linkage among services.

Search for commercial pledges

Commercial pledges can be searched according:

  • to the pledgor’s company name or name;
  • to the personal code or registration number of the commercial pledges giver;
  • to the registration deed number of the commercial pledges;
  • to the registration number or chassis number of the vehicle at pawn.

If there is not provided information you wanted to receive about companies’ commercial pledges, please, contact Lursoft Customer Service Centre by calling (+371) 67844300 or sending e-mail to