Lursoft newspaper library

Lursoft newspaper library is the most voluminous collection of Latvian newspaper and news agency BSN publications in Internet that everyday is supplemented with thousand of new publications from latest newspaper editions. Newspaper archive is available since 1994.

Lursoft newspaper database offers to its readers not only publications in Internet, but also search options of articles according to certain parameters and an opportunity to comment them.

Lursoft newspaper library is mutually linked with other registers offered by Lursoft. If in the publications there is a certain legal or physical person mentioned, in the same place in the article there is a link to other Lursoft registers provided.

Lursoft agent – a newspaper agent will regularly inform you over e-mail where, when and in which newspapers are published materials that are of interest to you. You just have to fill in a Lursoft agent’s card, write in text of the searched article. If in any newspapers will appear publication about any of the criteria of your choice, the agent will inform you about it.

Homepage of the Lursoft newspaper library.

In order to subscribe to the Lursoft newspaper library, please, fill in the subscription agreement (LAT).