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The catalog includes open data from the real estate market database and Open text data of the cadastral information system. Records in the real estate market information system have been registered since 2012. In the service, is possible to search for real estate purchase transactions by address or cadastral number. As a result of data selection, the real estate cadastre number, address, transaction date, and a link to a more detailed data report of the transaction are displayed. The transaction report, according to the type of transaction (transactions with groups of premises, transactions with land, transactions with land and buildings), includes the amount of the transaction, the amount of real estate sold, cadastral object identifier (s) (list) of land units (within one transaction), the purpose of use of the real estate group code (NĪLM), cadastral object identifier of the building, type of use of the building and code, number of above-ground floors of the building, total area of the building, year of commencement of operation of the building, physical wear and tear (%) of the building, etc. data. Also, the transaction report contains data on the current value of the real estate - Real estate valuation in the cadastre, Real estate cadastral value, Cadastral value of a land unit, part of a land unit, structure or group of premises, Forest stand value.The data is updated once a month. The data source is the State Land Service.


  • Area m2
    Transaction amount (EUR)
    Current cadastral value (EUR)
  • 185251 - 185300 of 187767 record(-s)
    No.TypeObjectProperty cadastral numberAddress recordTransaction dateAdditional data
    185251Transactions with room groupsFlat01009061966Pļavnieku iela 2D - 93, Rīga, LV-102129.12.2011
    185252Transactions with room groupsFlat01009131585Ozolciema iela 40 k-3 - 71, Rīga, LV-105829.12.2011
    185253Transactions with room groupsFlat01009072765Dzirkaļu iela 24 - 11, Rīga, LV-105729.12.2011
    185254Transactions with room groupsThe rooms01009022929Tallinas iela 31, Rīga, LV-101229.12.2011
    185255Transactions with room groupsFlat01009165800Paula Lejiņa iela 1 - 11, Rīga, LV-102929.12.2011
    185256Transactions with room groupsFlat01009204322Republikas laukums 3 - 618, Rīga, LV-101029.12.2011
    185257Transactions with room groupsFlat01009204321Republikas laukums 3 - 617, Rīga, LV-101029.12.2011
    185258Transactions with room groupsFlat01009247685Akadēmiķa Mstislava Keldiša iela 13A - 30, Rīga, LV-102129.12.2011
    185259Transactions with room groupsFlat01009273025Ķīpsalas iela 4 - 5, Rīga, LV-104829.12.2011
    185260Transactions with room groupsFlat01009273024Ķīpsalas iela 4 - 4, Rīga, LV-104829.12.2011
    185261Transactions with room groupsFlat01009247750Ulbrokas iela 12 k-1 - 47, Rīga, LV-102129.12.2011
    185262Transactions with room groupsFlat01009222161Vaļņu iela 41 - 1, Rīga, LV-105029.12.2011
    185263The landLand01000712393Rumbulas iela 26, Rīga, LV-103529.12.2011
    185264Transactions with room groupsFlat01000430076Maskavas iela 88 - 3, Rīga, LV-100329.12.2011
    185265Transactions with room groupsFlat01009083264Riekstu iela 16 - 44, Rīga, LV-105529.12.2011
    185266Transactions with room groupsThe rooms01009204448Republikas laukums 3 - 1, Rīga, LV-101029.12.2011
    185267Transactions with room groupsThe rooms01000910329Salamandras iela 1B, Rīga, LV-102429.12.2011
    185268Transactions with room groupsThe rooms01009273091Ķīpsalas iela 4 k-1 - 1A, Rīga, LV-104829.12.2011
    185269Transactions with room groupsThe rooms01009245932Gunāra Astras iela 8 k-1 - 159, Rīga, LV-108229.12.2011
    185270Land with buildingsBuildings01005560080Mārupes iela 55, Rīga, LV-100229.12.2011
    185271The landLand01001212776Ulbrokas iela 12 k-1, Rīga, LV-102129.12.2011
    185272The landLand01000711602Zeltiņu iela 11, Rīga, LV-103529.12.2011
    185273The landLand01000810017Šampētera iela 71C, Rīga, LV-104629.12.2011
    185274The landLand01001232424Pelēdu iela 10, Rīga, LV-106429.12.2011
    185275Land with buildingsLand with buildings01000590099Ernestīnes iela 29, Rīga, LV-104629.12.2011
    185276Land with buildingsLand with buildings01000810037Jūrkalnes iela 29, Rīga, LV-104629.12.2011
    185277Land with buildingsLand with buildings01001211410Andreja Saharova iela 25B, Rīga, LV-108229.12.2011
    185278Transactions with room groupsThe rooms01005710395Rumbulas iela, Rīga29.12.2011
    185279Transactions with room groupsFlat01009247658Akadēmiķa Mstislava Keldiša iela 13A - 3, Rīga, LV-102129.12.2011
    185280Land with buildingsLand with buildings01000430076Maskavas iela 88, Rīga, LV-100329.12.2011
    185281The landLand01001212776Ulbrokas iela 12 k-1, Rīga, LV-102129.12.2011
    185282The landLand01000100145Republikas laukums 3, Rīga, LV-101029.12.2011
    185283The landLand01001253251Ābeļu iela 60, Rīga, LV-106329.12.2011
    185284The landLand01000712801Stirnu iela 38A, Rīga, LV-108429.12.2011
    185285Transactions with room groupsFlat01000280014Brīvības iela 114 - 43, Rīga, LV-100129.12.2011
    185286Transactions with room groupsFlat01009145237Dzirnavu iela 73 - 2, Rīga, LV-101129.12.2011
    185287Transactions with room groupsFlat01009127536Imantas iela 2 - 41, Rīga, LV-106728.12.2011
    185288Transactions with room groupsFlat01009037947Ogres iela 12 - 72, Rīga, LV-101928.12.2011
    185289Transactions with room groupsFlat01009120339Lielvārdes iela 119 - 42, Rīga, LV-108428.12.2011
    185290Transactions with room groupsFlat01009016875Braslas iela 49B - 18, Rīga, LV-103528.12.2011
    185291Transactions with room groupsFlat01009048916Rudens iela 6 - 72, Rīga, LV-108228.12.2011
    185292Transactions with room groupsFlat01009197202Dzeņu iela 10 - 108, Rīga, LV-102128.12.2011
    185293Transactions with room groupsFlat01009256446Ulbrokas iela 12 k-2 - 63, Rīga, LV-102128.12.2011
    185294Transactions with room groupsFlat01009170687Strūgu iela 3 - 14, Rīga, LV-100328.12.2011
    185295Transactions with room groupsFlat01009226011Jūrkalnes iela 87 - 35, Rīga, LV-102928.12.2011
    185296Transactions with room groupsThe rooms01009095420Balasta dambis 70, Rīga, LV-104828.12.2011
    185297Transactions with room groupsFlat01009190069Franča Trasuna iela 16 - 9, Rīga, LV-103528.12.2011
    185298Transactions with room groupsFlat01009242951Rusova iela 24 - 26, Rīga, LV-102628.12.2011
    185299Transactions with room groupsFlat01009261027Ozolciema iela 16 k-7 - 82, Rīga, LV-105828.12.2011
    185300Transactions with room groupsThe rooms01009095420Balasta dambis 70, Rīga, LV-104828.12.2011
    Deal data updated: 11.04.2024.

    Data source and license: Open data of the real estate market database, Open data of the cadastral information system, open data license: Creative Commons Attribution