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The catalog includes open data from the real estate market database and Open text data of the cadastral information system. Records in the real estate market information system have been registered since 2012. In the service, is possible to search for real estate purchase transactions by address or cadastral number. As a result of data selection, the real estate cadastre number, address, transaction date, and a link to a more detailed data report of the transaction are displayed. The transaction report, according to the type of transaction (transactions with groups of premises, transactions with land, transactions with land and buildings), includes the amount of the transaction, the amount of real estate sold, cadastral object identifier (s) (list) of land units (within one transaction), the purpose of use of the real estate group code (NĪLM), cadastral object identifier of the building, type of use of the building and code, number of above-ground floors of the building, total area of the building, year of commencement of operation of the building, physical wear and tear (%) of the building, etc. data. Also, the transaction report contains data on the current value of the real estate - Real estate valuation in the cadastre, Real estate cadastral value, Cadastral value of a land unit, part of a land unit, structure or group of premises, Forest stand value.The data is updated once a month. The data source is the State Land Service.

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    No.TypeObjectProperty cadastral numberAddress recordTransaction dateAdditional data
    1Transactions with room groupsFlat01009069577Dammes iela 29 - 70, Rīga, LV-106905.04.2024
    2Transactions with room groupsFlat01009146108Dagmāras iela 9A - 57, Rīga, LV-100703.04.2024
    3Transactions with room groupsThe rooms01005820054Dunalkas iela 2 k-13 - 469, Rīga, LV-102903.04.2024
    4Transactions with room groupsFlat01009061537Dzelzavas iela 37 - 69, Rīga, LV-108402.04.2024
    5Transactions with room groupsFlat01009117819Dammes iela 36 - 91, Rīga, LV-106902.04.2024
    6Transactions with room groupsFlat01009217694Dzelzavas iela 13 - 52, Rīga, LV-108428.03.2024
    7Transactions with room groupsFlat01009217166Dzeņu iela 14 - 14, Rīga, LV-102128.03.2024
    8The landLand01000660382Dzegužu iela 10, Rīga, LV-100728.03.2024
    9Transactions with room groupsFlat01009213159Daugavgrīvas iela 70 k-4 - 39, Rīga, LV-100727.03.2024
    10Transactions with room groupsFlat01009170120Dzeņu iela 2 - 11, Rīga, LV-102127.03.2024
    11Transactions with room groupsFlat01009106889Dzeņu iela 14 - 81, Rīga, LV-102127.03.2024
    12Transactions with room groupsFlat01009089440Dravnieku iela 9 - 61, Rīga, LV-102127.03.2024
    13Transactions with room groupsFlat01009237550Džohara Dudajeva gatve 9 - 79, Rīga, LV-108427.03.2024
    14Transactions with room groupsFlat01009070068Dzirciema iela 91 - 1, Rīga, LV-105527.03.2024
    15The landLand01000632053Daugavgrīvas iela 70 k-4, Rīga, LV-100727.03.2024
    16Transactions with room groupsFlat01009219984Daugavgrīvas iela 70 k-2 - 74, Rīga, LV-100727.03.2024
    17Transactions with room groupsFlat01009286513Dainas iela 3 - 2, Rīga, LV-100126.03.2024
    18Transactions with room groupsFlat01009286508Dainas iela 3 - 4, Rīga, LV-100126.03.2024
    19Transactions with room groupsFlat01009283860Dainas iela 10A - 84, Rīga, LV-100126.03.2024
    20Transactions with room groupsFlat01009150845Dižozolu iela 27 - 23, Rīga, LV-105826.03.2024
    21Transactions with room groupsFlat01009019154Dammes iela 22 - 40, Rīga, LV-106926.03.2024
    22Land with buildingsLand with buildings01001254186Dārziņu 11. līnija 19, Rīga, LV-106326.03.2024
    23Transactions with room groupsFlat01009267182Duntes iela 24 - 13, Rīga, LV-100526.03.2024
    24Transactions with room groupsFlat01009019172Druvienas iela 34 - 63, Rīga, LV-107925.03.2024
    25Transactions with room groupsFlat01009162724Daugavgrīvas iela 74A - 99, Rīga, LV-100725.03.2024
    26Land with buildingsLand with buildings01001253047Dārziņu 29. līnija 2, Rīga, LV-106325.03.2024
    27Land with buildingsBuildings01005700385Dzelzavas iela 16 k-5, Rīga, LV-108425.03.2024
    28Transactions with room groupsFlat01009950565Dzirciema iela 57 - 6, Rīga, LV-105522.03.2024
    29Transactions with room groupsFlat01009150754Džohara Dudajeva gatve 7 - 4, Rīga, LV-108422.03.2024
    30Transactions with room groupsFlat01009264081Daugavgrīvas šoseja 1B - 12, Rīga, LV-100721.03.2024
    31Transactions with room groupsFlat01009180252Daugavgrīvas iela 60 - 74, Rīga, LV-100720.03.2024
    32Transactions with room groupsFlat01009177601Daugavgrīvas iela 60 - 44, Rīga, LV-100720.03.2024
    33Transactions with room groupsFlat01009041482Dzērbenes iela 3A - 12, Rīga, LV-100620.03.2024
    34Land with buildingsLand with buildings01001255655Dārziņu 7. līnija 15, Rīga, LV-106320.03.2024
    35Transactions with room groupsFlat01009009365Dižozolu iela 27 - 55, Rīga, LV-105819.03.2024
    36Transactions with room groupsFlat01009003436Dammes iela 22 - 39, Rīga, LV-106919.03.2024
    37Transactions with room groupsFlat01009096118Dzelzavas iela 35 k-1 - 28, Rīga, LV-108419.03.2024
    38Transactions with room groupsFlat01009193744Druvienas iela 18 - 112, Rīga, LV-107919.03.2024
    39Transactions with room groupsFlat01009953795Daugavpils iela 49 - 4, Rīga, LV-100319.03.2024
    40Land with buildingsLand with buildings01001253609Dārziņu 18. līnija 39, Rīga, LV-106319.03.2024
    41The landLand01001222044Druvienas iela 18, Rīga, LV-107919.03.2024
    42Transactions with room groupsFlat01009176311Dzirciema iela 71 - 39, Rīga, LV-105518.03.2024
    43Transactions with room groupsFlat01009106884Dreiliņu iela 17 - 12, Rīga, LV-108318.03.2024
    44Transactions with room groupsFlat01009091692Dzirciema iela 61 - 66, Rīga, LV-105518.03.2024
    45Transactions with room groupsFlat01009218628Dzirnavu iela 66 - 26, Rīga, LV-105015.03.2024
    46Land with buildingsLand with buildings01000300064Dzirnavu iela 107, Rīga, LV-101115.03.2024
    47Transactions with room groupsFlat01009240355Dubultu iela 19 - 42, Rīga, LV-102914.03.2024
    48Transactions with room groupsFlat01009277939Dumbrāja iela 29 - 101, Rīga, LV-106714.03.2024
    49Transactions with room groupsFlat01009236485Dzirnavu iela 31 - 18, Rīga, LV-101013.03.2024
    50Transactions with room groupsThe rooms01005820054Dunalkas iela 2 k-12 - 554, Rīga, LV-102913.03.2024
    Deal data updated: 11.04.2024.

    Data source and license: Open data of the real estate market database, Open data of the cadastral information system, open data license: Creative Commons Attribution