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What kind of my personal data are available in State and Privately owned registers?

  • Beneficial owner - information of companies where I am registered as an actual beneficial owner.
  • My positions – Registered positions, with power of attorney and management boards of enterprises, where personal registration is equivalent to company management;
  • My shares – Shared capital owned by me in the Enterprises registered in the Enterprise Register of Latvia;
  • My commercial pledges - Commercial pledges, which are registered on my name in the Commercial Pledge Register;
  • My signature samples - my signature samples that have been submitted to the Enterprise Register of Latvia;
  • Delayed payments of my organization - delayed payments of the company I represent, that have been registered in Lursoft Delayed payment database;
  • My marital contracts - My data that have been registered in the Register of Marriage Settlements;
  • My data in the Maintenance Guarantee Fund - My data in the Maintenance Guarantee Fund administration;
  • My name in the written Media - Latvian mass media articles, which mention my name/last name;
  • My Real Estate - My real estate, registered in the Landbook of Latvia;
  • My data in the Cadastre - My Real Estate registered in the Cadastre registered in the State Land Service – Sample of report;
  • My organization data In Cadastre - Real Estate belonging to my organization, that has been registered In the State Land Service;
  • My vehicles - Vehicles belonging to me, which have been registered in the Road Safety Directorate and the registered fines;
  • My driving license - My driving licenses registered;
  • My penalty points - Current penalty points received and registered in the CSDD (Road Safety Directorate) database;
  • My Tractor vehicles - Ownerhship of Tractor vehicles, which have been registered in the State Technical Equipment Supervisory Agency’s Tractor Equipment Register;
  • My Herds and Cattle sheds - Ownership of herds and cattle sheds registered in the Rural Support Centre’s Livestock Register;
  • My invalid documents - My invalid documents (for instance lost or stolen documents, etc.), if the documents have been registered in the Information center of Ministry of the Interior of Republic of Latvia;
  • My dossier - my dossier is a service which allows you to the find all the current and historical information regarding the individual is gathered from public records (fee-based information, according to the Lursoft pricelist).


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