Effective overview and monitoring of your clients

SIA "Lursoft IT" is constantly broadening the list of offered services, including monitoring types and registry journals in the system.

Our monitoring services will help you follow up with the most important changes in the data of your clients and business partners.

The main available monitoring types are:

  • Tracking of the Register of Enterprises;
  • Insolvency tracking;
  • Tracking of individuals;
  • Monitoring of changes in company business activities; 
  • Annual return events;
  • VAT registry tracking;
  • Credit security events;
  • Commercial pledge tracking;
  • Holiday tracking;
  • Tracking of notifications in 'Latvijas Vēstnesis';
  • Delayed payment database tracking;
  • Monitoring of the Register of Marriage Setlements events;
  • Court session calendar tracking;
  • Monitoring of licenses of companies' excise goods;
  • Monitoring of the register of building companies;
  • Address monitoring;
  • Auction monitoring;
  • CSDD events monitoring;
  • SRS tax debt monitoring.

View all available types of monitoring.

To receive special offer, or you are planing to monitor more than 10 000 entries, please contact Lursoft regarding the price - by phone: (+371) 67844300 or by e-mail: