Lursoft register of mass information mediums

Database of all in Latvia registered newspapers, televisions and radio.

Legally valid database with all in Latvia registered mass information mediums (MIM). In Latvia, MIM are registered since 1991.



There is information about every mass information medium:

  • name;
  • registration number;
  • type - periodical, non periodical, electronic, unique;
  • circulation;
  • territory covered;
  • language of the edition;
  • legal address, phone and fax number (if registered);
  • registration and liquidation (if liquidated) date;
  • founder - its name, registration number, address, representative;
  • editorial board – its name, registration number, address, representative;
  • representative.


Lursoft publishes free of charge statistics about registered MIM, their number and distribution according to types, owners etc. from the database every day.

If there is not provided information you wanted to receive about mass information mediums, please, contact Lursoft Customer Service Centre by calling (+371) 67844300 or sending e-mail to