State Unified Computerized Land Register

About Land Register

The Land Registers are public books that are founded for right corroboration on real estate.

In compliance with the Land Registers law, real estates are entered into the Land Registers and rights linked to them are consolidated. Land Registers are available to everybody and their entries have public trust.

The creation and development of the Land Register institute is meant for creditor’s interest protection, so that, by securing collateral rights in the Land Register, this entry would provide the same security as when taking manual collateral property. The Land Register system serves as support to attain real security for obligations. Every real estate as an independent land unit is registered in a separate section of the Land register, and with this it becomes a mortgage unit and as such responds in full amount for all in this section entered issue rights.

It is possible to search in the State unified computerized Land Register according to the following parameters:

  • to the cadastre number of the property;
  • to the Land Register number of the property;
  • to the name of the property;
  • to the address of the property.

Land Register certificates sample.

In order to access the Land Register database, please, use the access page.