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Lursoft "DEMO subscription" allows potential customers to get a notion of the services offered by Lursoft, including getting acquainted with analytical services, which provide an opportunity to conveniently conduct research on the business environment and Latvian companies. 

Special offer – learn how to use the LURSOFT system opportunities

By applying for a "DEMO subscription", you get access to Lursoft databases for 30 days (usually 5 days) and can apply for free online training.

During the training, the Client manager will show how to find the necessary information in the LURSOFT system based of practical examples, provide recommendations on the use of various analytical services (eg market analysis, industry research, risk assessment of partners, etc.) and answer to your questions. Find out more about the training by applying for a "DEMO subscription".

What services are included in the "DEMO subscription"?

Five day subscription with authorized access to information and analytical services included in Lursoft databases.


  • Information about companies – board members, power of attorney holders, shareholders, the amount of tax pay and etc. including historical information;
  • Reports of public persons and institutions with officials;
  • Catalogs (Catalogue of types of activities of companies, Catalog of sanctions etc.);
  • Search in the documents;
  • Statistical data.


Up to 50 data requests per subscription with the possibility to use the following data sources:

  • Information about companies – historical information about officials, procurators, participants;
  • Financial data regarding the enterprise – annual reports, financial analysis, multi-report;
  • Paid taxes and comparison with industry;
  • Information from the Commercial Pledge Register and Insolvency Register;
  • Relationship graph and Relationship graph on the map;
  • Persons’ Profile;
  • AML report;
  • IUB procurement results;
  • Download of scanned documents;
  • and other information.


Also have access to other sources of information that are not included of your DEMO subscription - Vehicle registry, Land book, European business register, United Kingdom and Lithuanian business registers, etc. Information from those registers you can get by paying by services by your credit card or make authorization with your internet bank.

How can I apply for a "DEMO subscription"?

The subscription is available once only to persons who have not previously used the Lursoft database. You can apply for the service by authorizing with Latvian internet banking accesses:

Swedbank  SEB banka   Citadele banka  MTB

In order to use the service, it is necessary to get acquainted with the Terms of use of the Lursoft system.

If you have any questions about services and further cooperation, please contact our Customer support department by phone (+ 371) 67844292 or e-mail For free face-to-face or online consultation please apply here