Different registers

Based on Lursoft experience, in several years period there is created significant integrated system aggregate that provides access to different, also governmental, registers by using Internet connection. Lursoft’s created systems open new possibilities in organizing working processes. Our aim is to provide possibility to use all public data bases in one place- in personal computer.

  • In cooperation with the Latvian Council of Sworn Notaries, Lursoft provides access to the Power of attorney register’s data of issued powers of attorney by sworn notaries and their revocations in the period from 01.07.2018.
  • In cooperation with Road Traffic Safety Directorate, Lursoft provides access to the Vehicle data base, information about legal person’s vehicles, persons driving licenses and registered traffic violations.
  • Revoked powers of attorney register shows data on recalled powers of attorney which are published in the official publisher of Latvia «Latvijas Vēstnesis».
  • In cooperation with Latvian Republic Ministry of Justice Land Register’s department, Lursoft users have possibility to access Land Register’s online data base.
  • Category Persons allows to get information about interested persons from several registers and information systems, searching person by name, surname, address or personal ID.
  • In cooperation with State agency «Agricultural Data Center» Lursoft users have possibility to access data base with in Herd Register registered Herds and their owners.
  • Register of Marriage Settlements will allow quickly and easily find information about marital contracts and see content about spouses, marriage license and property.
  • Lursoft newspaper library is major Latvian newspapers and news agency’s BNS collection in Internet that on average is supplemented with thousands new publications every day. Newspaper Archive Available from 1994.
  • In cooperation with the State Technical Supervision Agency, Lursoft users can find information about Tractor-registered tractors and their owners.
  • Public persons and authorities. Information about Parliament and Chancery of the President of Latvia, Courts, Prosecutions, Institutions of direct administration, Derived public persons, Institutions of indirect administration and other state institutions that are not subordinate to the Cabinet.