Debt application

Lursoft offers the possibility to register overdue payments of legal entities in the "Debtors portfolio" tool created by Lursoft and offers a link to register debt data on the website of Lursoft's cooperation partner "Verdikts". Read more

The data of overdue payments registered in the debtor portfolio, which have not been paid within 10 days since the warning was sent, and the debts of legal entities registered in the VERDIKTS database are published in Lursoft services:
  • Delayed payments.
    The service displays the following data:
    Data source "Debtors portfolio": creditor's industry, specified invoice/s payment date, total invoice/s amount and currency, unpaid amount and currency, number of days overdue, debt status, date of information submission, other information;
    Data source "Verdikts": collection case identifier, creditor industry, start date, number of invoices, case status.
    The service is available on the company's report on the right side in the "Encumbrances" block.

  • Delayed Payment database of Lursoft.
    It is possible to select data in the database by company name or registration number. The results show the company's registration number, full name, address, the total number of late payments registered in the "Debtors' portfolio" and a link to the list of late payments.

  • VERDIKTS credit report.
    The data source is the "Verdikts" database. The service updates data online once per hour. The service includes data on active and closed cases. Data: collection case identifier, creditor industry, start date, number of invoices, case status, number of invoices, total unpaid amount, invoice number, invoice date, payment date, days overdue, the invoice amount (EUR), unpaid amount (EUR), invoice status, date of last payment.

To access the Debt Application database, please use login page.