Company databases

Lursoft offers extensive and legally valid information from state registers:

  1. Register of Latvian companies registered in the Republic of Latvia - companies, associations, foundations, foreign legal entities, foreign representations, etc. It is most convenient to search for data in the top search engine, indicating the data selection criteria. To perform a search by several specific criteria and select a list of companies that match the defined parameters, enter the Extended search of companies.
  2. European Business Register - an opportunity to quickly and easily obtain various data and certificates from different European countries.
  3. Lithuanian company search - access to the database of Lithuanian companies that is integrated with the Lursoft system. Requests are processed online ensuring that the database is updated at the moment of verification.
  4. Register of the United Kingdom companies - information about companies registered in the United Kingdom, current and historical officials of the company, documents.
  5. Reports about foreign companies - possibility to obtain company inquiries - credit financial reports on the activities of foreign companies and their creditworthiness analysis. It is possible to request reports from 149 countries around the world.


An opportunity to evaluate potential cooperation partners, competitors as well as efficiency of the own company.

Access not only to current data, but also to the historical records of the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia.

Be informed!

Be ahead of competitors!