Company registration certificate validity check

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Input number of a registration certificate (do not use spaces). You can find out the following information on registration certificate:

  • date of certificate issuance;
  • type of the certificate;
  • status of the certificate (valid or revoked);
  • date of the certificate revocation (if registered);
  • indication to the last registration certificate issued to the company;
  • indications to other earlier registration certificates issued to the company;
  • status of the company;
  • legal address of the company.

However, those registered Lursoft Internet system users who normally verify companies according to the name or its registration number, upon their wish can receive also data included in the Company’s registration certificate.


In order to provide highest trustworthiness to documents submitted to the Company Register, since 1997 the certificates issued to companies contain additional security elements that make it more difficult to fake this very important document. One of these elements is a serial number of the registration certificate, according to which Lursoft subscribers can check in the Internet validity of the document.

Every person interested can receive a reference in Internet free of charge about whether the registration certificate with the serial number provided exists at all and whether the company to whom the certificate was issued has not been already liquidated, or it has not been issued insolvency application.

Every day tens of registration certificates in the Company register are revoked. By performing registration application verification, the users can verify that this registration certificate has been issued to a particular company in the Company register. Verification of certificate reduces the risk to accept invalid or even faked registration certificates.

If there is not provided information you wanted to receive about registration certificates, please, contact Lursoft Customer Service Centre by calling (+371) 67844300 or sending e-mail to