Irklavimo klubas "Auksinis yris"

Company nameIrklavimo klubas "Auksinis yris"
Legal formAssociation
Register code, date of registration302534212,
Status, status start dateRegistered, 04.08.2010
Address, address start dateTrakų r. sav., Onuškis, Medžiotojų g. 6-2, LT-21214, 04.08.2010
Data from the VAT Register
VAT identification numberStatusRegisteredExcluded
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Beneficiary status
Type of activity (NACE), date of registrationOther sports activities (93.19), 13.05.2022
Financial data
Data of insured persons, social insurance debt information
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Data updated: 18.07.2024

Data source and license: Open data of the Lithuanian Register Center, open data license: Creative Commons Attribution, Data from the Lithuanian State Social Insurance Fund Administration