A. Bagočiūno individuali įmonė

Company nameA. Bagočiūno individuali įmonė
Legal formIndividual Enterprise
Register code, date of registration123351365,
Status, status start dateRegistered, 24.10.1995
Address, address start dateVilnius, S. Stanevičiaus g. 11-63, LT-07134, 24.10.1995
Data from the VAT Register
VAT identification numberStatusRegisteredExcluded
Type of activity (NACE), date of registrationWashing and (dry-)cleaning of textile and fur products (96.01), 16.09.2007
Financial data
Data of insured persons, social insurance debt information
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Data updated: 03.06.2024

Data source and license: Open data of the Lithuanian Register Center, open data license: Creative Commons Attribution, Data from the Lithuanian State Social Insurance Fund Administration