Transactions corresponding to the use of real estate - 05

List of real estate transactions for which the purpose of real estate use (NĪLM) category code has been determined.

List of real estate transactions. 05 | Land of nature foundations and recreational importance

1 - 50 of 2951 record(-s)
No.TypeObjectProperty cadastral numberAddress recordTransaction dateAdditional data
1The landLand09000160170Miera iela 3A, Jelgava, LV-300125.03.2024.
2The landLand64760030039Medzes pag., Dienvidkurzemes nov.21.03.2024.
3The landLand80940041482Sigulda, Siguldas nov.08.03.2024.
4The landLand80760040022"Bridēji", Mārupes pag., Mārupes nov., LV-216607.03.2024.
5The landLand42460090866"Lācītes", Amatciems, Drabešu pag., Cēsu nov., LV-410105.03.2024.
6The landLand80050014214Pasta iela 18, Baldone, Ķekavas nov., LV-212501.03.2024.
7The landLand42600030189Liepas pag., Cēsu nov.29.02.2024.
8The landLand84010070020Saldus, Saldus nov.28.02.2024.
9The landLand66520040362Katvaru pag., Limbažu nov.21.02.2024.
10The landLand40760040048Rundāles pag., Bauskas nov.21.02.2024.
11The landLand56150010004Smilšu iela 36B, Viesīte, Jēkabpils nov., LV-523720.02.2024.
12The landLand80600040311Blāzmas iela 2, Garkalne, Garkalnes pag., Ropažu nov., LV-213719.02.2024.
13The landLand01001202310Audupes iela 3B, Rīga, LV-103015.02.2024.
14The landLand64130050060Sakas iela 7C, Pāvilosta, Dienvidkurzemes nov., LV-346614.02.2024.
15The landLand80150040003Sigulda, Siguldas nov.13.02.2024.
16The landLand76010070012Preiļi, Preiļu nov.09.02.2024.
17The landLand09000320103Klijēnu ceļš 2A, Jelgava, LV-300408.02.2024.
18Transactions with room groupsFlat68099000515Skolas iela 3A - 12, Kārsava, Ludzas nov., LV-571731.01.2024.
19The landLand64840070065"Tīklenieki", Pape, Rucavas pag., Dienvidkurzemes nov., LV-347726.01.2024.
20The landLand80600111527Promenādes iela 45, Berģi, Garkalnes pag., Ropažu nov., LV-213724.01.2024.
21The landLand80480030359Babītes pag., Mārupes nov.22.01.2024.
22The landLand84660050048Lutriņu pag., Saldus nov.17.01.2024.
23The landLand90010020108Sila iela 10, Tukums, Tukuma nov., LV-310112.01.2024.
24Land with buildingsLand with buildings66600070040"Priedkalni", Lembuži, Liepupes pag., Limbažu nov., LV-402308.01.2024.
25The landLand62010330326Cepurīšu iela 10, Kuldīga, Kuldīgas nov., LV-330108.01.2024.
26The landLand09000280337Jaunais ceļš 9, Jelgava, LV-300208.01.2024.
27The landLand80800160887"Vaivadi 25A", Vaivadi, Olaines pag., Olaines nov., LV-212708.01.2024.
28The landLand64760090056Medzes pag., Dienvidkurzemes nov.05.01.2024.
29The landLand01001180016Rīga03.01.2024.
30The landLand01000102019Rīga03.01.2024.
31The landLand80310160489Salaspils pag., Salaspils nov.02.01.2024.
32Land with buildingsLand with buildings and engineering structures96520060177"Dauguļu skola", Dauguļi, Dikļu pag., Valmieras nov., LV-422329.12.2023.
33The landLand01001090022Rīga28.12.2023.
34Land with buildingsLand with buildings80680090042Pļavu iela 5, Turaida, Krimuldas pag., Siguldas nov., LV-215027.12.2023.
35The landLand01001256426Rīga26.12.2023.
36The landLand80600111525Promenādes iela 43, Berģi, Garkalnes pag., Ropažu nov., LV-213722.12.2023.
37Land with buildingsLand with buildings88010070005Friča Blumbaha iela 6, Talsi, Talsu nov., LV-320121.12.2023.
38The landLand80840090440Ropažu pag., Ropažu nov.21.12.2023.
39The landLand01001256903Rīga04.12.2023.
40The landLand66680010479Pāles pag., Limbažu nov.04.12.2023.
41The landLand38860030649Sporta iela 1A, Tilža, Tilžas pag., Balvu nov., LV-457229.11.2023.
42The landLand66150040318Salas iela 33, Salacgrīva, Limbažu nov., LV-403327.11.2023.
43The landLand80600111531Promenādes iela 41, Berģi, Garkalnes pag., Ropažu nov., LV-213723.11.2023.
44The landLand80600111151Promenādes iela 58, Berģi, Garkalnes pag., Ropažu nov., LV-213723.11.2023.
45The landLand01000520284Rīga21.11.2023.
46Transactions with room groupsFlat01009188425Rudens iela 8 - 57, Rīga, LV-108217.11.2023.
47The landLand80680060085Krimuldas pag., Siguldas nov.16.11.2023.
48The landLand80680060084Krimuldas pag., Siguldas nov.16.11.2023.
49The landLand66150040244Salas iela 19, Salacgrīva, Limbažu nov., LV-403315.11.2023.
50The landLand64090040008Rīgas iela 62, Grobiņa, Dienvidkurzemes nov., LV-343013.11.2023.

Data source and license: Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers no. 496 "Classification of purposes of use of real estate and procedure for determining and changing purposes of use of real estate", Open data of the real estate market database, Open data of the cadastral information system, open data license: Creative Commons Attribution