In the service is available a building classification catalog. The catalog was created based on Cabinet of Ministers regulations no. 326 "Rules for classification of buildings". In the catalog, you can view building types - code, name, description and real estate transactions corresponding to the code.

241201 | Other sports and recreation facilities

Buildings and premises groups
Bicycle tracks
Buildings and premises groups
Swimming pools
Description Buildings and premises groups
Peldbaseini ar lēkšanas torņiem vai bez tiem
Ice downhill tracks
Description Buildings and premises groups
Bobsleja un kamaniņu trases, ledus starta estakādes u. tml. būves
Downhill tracks
Description Buildings and premises groups
Trases, kas paredzētas nobraucieniem ar rodeļu kamanām u. tml. būves
Sports and recreational ropeways
Description Buildings and premises groups
Slēpotāju pacēlāji, gaisa vagoniņu trases, kabeļu ūdenssporta trases u. tml. būves

Data source and license: Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers 12.06.2018. no. 326 "Rules for building classification", Open data of the real estate market database, Open data of the cadastral information system, open data license: Creative Commons Attribution