Structures and groups of premises corresponding to the type of structures - 21410102

List of buildings and premises groups in which a specific type of use of the structure has been registered.

Type of buildings 21410102 | Road and railway wooden span bridges

1 - 15 of 15 record(-s)
No.Real estate cadastre numberReal estate, type of objectReal estate typeAddress or administrative territoryAdditional data
142110020004054BuildingLand and building propertyCēsu novads
Property name: Tilts
246500050383001BuildingLand and building propertyDobeles novads
Property name: Gājēju tilts
360700030005009BuildingBuilding propertyKrāslavas novads
Property name: Tilts
468580050093003BuildingLand and building propertyLudzas novads
Property name: Tilts ar slūžām
568860020013006BuildingLudzas novads
Property name: Tilts
670620110177011BuildingLand and building propertyMadonas novads
Property name: Vētraines tilts
742480040133003BuildingLand and building propertySmiltenes novads
Property name: Palsas tilts
890580010241002BuildingLand and building propertyTukuma novads
Property name: Tilts pār Vēdzeles upi ( ceļš ,,Kukšu muiža -Bajāri ceļš”)
990800070029005BuildingBuilding propertyTukuma novads
Property name: Tilts-dekorācija
1090800070033011BuildingBuilding propertyTukuma novads
Property name: Tilts-viadukts
1190800070033012BuildingBuilding propertyTukuma novads
Property name: Tilts
1290800070033014BuildingBuilding propertyTukuma novads
Property name: Tilts
1396520070075005BuildingValmieras novads
Property name: Menčupītes tilts
1498440110029003BuildingVentspils novads
Property name: Tilts uz Mednieku ceļā-2.posms
BuildingVentspils novads
Property name: Tilts uz Viršu ceļa-2.posms

Data source and license: Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers 12.06.2018. no. 326 "Rules for building classification", Open data of the real estate market database, Open data of the cadastral information system, open data license: Creative Commons Attribution