B2B solutions

Database B2B solutions in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) format

Nowadays, no company can go without a client database. Usually these databases are developed based on company documents submitted by clients (registration certificate copies, etc.). In such cases there are two major problems:

  • Database reliability – a client might submit fake or invalid registration certificate or other documents that have discrepancies with the data registered in the LR Company Register. It is even possible that a certain company was already subjected to liquidation or reorganization.
  • Database quality – usually data from documents submitted by clients is entered into a database by an operator; therefore, there is a possibility of making a mistake, as well as an operator might structure a database in a different way (for example, without indicating full company names or juridical addresses). At that, there might be situations where a client record exists in a database, but it is impossible to find by certain parameters.

Lursoft offers client database information obtained directly from the LR Company Register in XML format. The only action to be carried out by an operator is entering company registration number in a corresponding field and pressing "CHECK". The system will connect to the Lursoft database and update the company database.

Using our B2B solutions, it possible to find out:

  • the company's name;
  • the company's type;
  • the company’s full name;
  • the company's juridical address in structured format;
  • the company’s unified registration number;
  • the company's registration number;
  • the company’s status (registered, liquidated, etc.).

You can find more information about the system specification here: Specification

The system can be integrated with any of your systems, for example, accounting, record keeping, client accounting system, etc.

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