B2B options

B2B solutions for databases in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) format

None of the companies can work without a customer database. Usually these databases are formed from company documents submitted by the customers (copies of registration certificates, etc.). Here are the two main problems:

  • Trustworthiness of the database – the customer may submit a forged or invalid registration certificate or other document that contains discrepancies with the data registered with the Enterprise Register of the Republic of Latvia. Possibly the company can even be liquidated or reorganised.
  • Quality of the database – mostly documents submitted by the customers are entered into the database by the operator; therefore, errors may happen, and the operator may structure the databases differently (for example, fail to provide a full company name or registered office of the company). Thus, there may be situations when the customer is in the database, but cannot be found.

Lursoft offers to receive a customer database directly from the Enterprise Register of the Republic of Latvia in XML format. The operator only needs to enter the company’s registration number in the respective field and click “VERIFY”. The system connects to Lursoft database and supplements the company’s database.

By using 2B2 solution, you can receive:

  • company name;
  • type of the company;
  • full name of the company;
  • registered address of the company in a structured format;
  • unified registration number;
  • company’s registration number;
  • status (registered, liquidated, etc.)
  • name, surname of the company’s official;
  • personal identity number of the company’s official;
  • appointment date of the company’s official;
  • representation rights of the company’s official;
  • company’s balance sheets by years;
  • company’s income statements by years;
  • insolvency process data of a company or natural person.

Please contact Lursoft regarding supplementation of the system with additional parameters.

Here you can find information on specification of the system: actual version of the specification, first version of the specification (will no longer be developed)

The system may be integrated in any system you have, for example, accounting, record-keeping, customer records system, etc.

Additional information on offered service you may receive at Lursoft customer service centre by sending your questions to the e-mail: info@lursoft.lv or by calling: (+371) 67844300.