Accounting software "Grāls"

Accounting software "Grāls" is a management and financial accounting system with an integrated wage and fixed asset accounting. Tool „Grāls” provides full enterprise accounting in compliance with the latest requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. The program ensures a full accounting cycle, starting from entering of primary documents and finishing with annual report preparation. With the help of the program it is possible to ensure also management functions – planning and control, as well as view the data in on-line regime through Internet. The program can also provide data export and import.

„Grāls” consists of:

  • Financial accounting module;
  • Report, overview and declaration module;
  • Full personnel accounting and wage calculation module;
  • Fixed capital analytical accounting block;
  • Foreign currency operation module.

In „Grāls” all data is entered in one place – the financial module, irrespective of whether the document is linked to fixed asset records or documentation records, that is why it is not necessary to enter the same data more than once – time is saved, the possibility of making an error is half as much and work efficiency increases.

The program ensures data linkage that will allow you to view the data in one of the following modules.

Several users can access „Grāls” simultaneously, because everyone has his/her own name and password and user rights. In „Grāls” it is possible to conduct management and financial accounting for up to 250 companies.

It is possible to connect several users to the system of the program „Grāls” and assign to each of them a different level of access to data. With the help of the program it is possible to create a data archive which in the case of data disappearance will help you to renew it from the existing ones.

You can find out more about the other options of the program on the homepage of Grāls.