Relationship graph

Relationship graph is a tool which can help you to get more visible links between legal or individual persons in Latvia.

How does Relationship graph work?

You input identification data of the person (registration number - for legal person, personal identity number - for natural person). Relationship graph will survey the database of all Latvian enterprises and find relationships of the person to other (natural or legal) persons. Then Relationship graph in comprehensible graphical form displays all information about person's business relationship with other companies.

What does Relationship graph show?

Links between persons can be shown in two ways:

  • Shareholder of a company. Person (legal or natural) owns shares of another legal person.
  • Official. Person (natural) acts as an official of the legal person.

For example, it can bee seen in the Relationship GRAPH that one person - Bērziņš Jānis currently owns shares of Company A and Company K. Bērziņš Jānis owns 51% shares of Company A and 13% shares of Company K. Bērziņš Jānis is an official in Company K. In addition, he is also an official in two other companies - Company B and Company C. The Relationship GRAPH shows Company D, Company E, Company F and Company G as historical data, which means that Bērziņš Jānis previously was an official in these companies and owned 51% shares of Company F.
Company K owns 100% shares of Company L. Company I owns 49% shares of Company A and 100% shares of Company J. Company G owns 100% shares of Company B, 100% shares of Company H and 100% shares of Company I. Company J has previously owned 100% shares of Company M.


Each person (both legal and physical) in the graph is represented as a single object with a number of attributes. Object is represented as a rectangle in which name and registration number are entered. Black rectangles represent current data, light gray - historical data. Objects are connected with arrows that have a particular role.

  • black - indicate the participation of the company and the percentage of investment
  • blue - show impact of a person as an official
  • light gray - historical data

Each object has several attributes, which are noted as small squares at the bottom edge of the rectangle.

Meaning of the object attributes

   Active / Suspension of economic activity / Liquidated

  NO /YES actual insolvency process

  NO / YES Annual Report for the last period

  NO /YES Actual pledge acts

  NO /YES Actual restrictions

 Procentual investment of a sheareholder in a company

  Company official

 Historical data - posts and shares