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Lursoft is an IT company with over 20 years of experience, during time it has become an indispensable assistant to legal entities and individuals by providing access not only to the general national legal information database, but also providing a range of services, enabling to better valuate their customers including analytical services, monitoring, B2B and other solutions.

Systems developed by Lursoft open the new opportunities for the daily work process organization, because it ensures that the most important and necessary public databases are in one place.

Based on Article 4.15 of the Law "On the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia", SIA "Lursoft IT" (Lursoft) is a re-user of information of the Register of Enterprises. Lursoft with the Register of Enterprises has entered into an agreement on information services, which means that Lursoft as a re-user can provide information to third parties.


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We develop, maintain and serve a variety of information systems, including systems of national importance. These systems provide, recording, processing, storage, transmission and availability of big data, as well as automate the preparation of various statistics and data exchange with other state information systems. We realize all of the information systems starting from development phases: infrastructure analysis, requirements analysis, etc. specification, software design, software development and testing, software installation and configuration, documentation preparation, training and implementation, warranty and customer support.

Our information systems:

  • Business Registry information system. Contractor – Register of Enterprises
  • Juridical information system. Customer – Juridical Administration
  • Liepaja City Council document management system. Customer – Liepaja City Council
  • Data State Inspectorate document management system. Customer – Data State Inspectorate
  • Electrical and Electronics equipment manufacturers register. Customer – Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association
  • Information system of data compatibility and exchange with ERRU (European Register for Road Transport Undertakings). Customer – Road Transport Administration
  • Latvian food manufacturers catalog Foodlatvia.lv. Customer – Investment and Development Agency of Latvia
  • Other information systems

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To promote arrangement of business environment and inform society about business events.


Responsibility: we are responsible cooperation partners who keep promises.
Respect: we respect our customers, that’s why we offer everyone the best and most appropriate business solutions.
Cooperation: we are focused on positive cooperation, so we provide every client the highest service.

Lursoft IT management

Daiga Kiopa

Member of the Board


Ģirts Ķēbers

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Lursoft is corporate socially responsible company which participates in business environment arrangement by supporting projects that contribute business growth, education of young and talented people, as well as providing support for social vulnerable groups in society.


  • Ltd. "Lursoft IT" participates in the new project of IT competence center "Information and communication technology competence center" financed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). On 27 September 2016 Ltd. "IT competence center" together with Central Financing and Contracting Agency signed an agreement for the project "Information and Communication Technologies Competence Centre" (contract no. implementation. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund Operational Program "Growth and employment" 1.2.1. the specific objective of the aid "To increase private sector investment in R&D” subprogram "Support for new products and technologies within the competence centers".
  • Ltd. "Lursoft IT" participates in the project "Productivity evolution". The project is implemented by association “Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry”. Project agreement no. L-APA-10-0016.
  • Ltd. "Lursoft IT" participates in the project "New user behavior interpretation algorithms for radical improvement of knowledge transfer in eEcosystem" (JAUZI), contract no. 2013/0071/2DP/ On June 30, 2014 was successfully concluded the project II. reporting period during which studies were performed experimental development creation. On September 30, 2014 has finished III. reporting period in which the work started on experimental development. Afterwards started reporting period IV which successfully continue work on implementation of activities and experimental development.
  • On December 31, 2014 successfully concluded the project IV. reporting period during which were performed programming work on experimental development creation and completed work on experimental development of prototype specification requirements. Currently started work on V. reporting period and continue work on implementation of activities, including experimental development.
  • On August 31, 2015 successfully concluded project VI. reporting period as well as whole project. In the last reporting period was tested and tried the new lifelong learning support system JAUZI in LivingLab conditions. For more information please check RTU homepage.