Gulbenes novads, Litenes pagasts, "Dāmaņi", LV-4405

57° 11' 52.0060074", 26° 57' 16.60097628"

Gulbenes nov., Litenes pag., "Dāmaņi"
Mixed farming (01.50, version 2.0) (Source: SRS, ZO.LV)
Growing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers (01.13, version 2.0) (Source: CSB)
Gulbenes nov., Litenes pag., "Dāmaņi"
Growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds (01.11, version 2.0) (Source: SRS, ZO.LV)
Mixed farming (01.50, version 2.0) (Source: CSB)
+371 26427131
Gulbenes nov., Litenes pag., "Dāmaņi"
Restaurants and mobile food service activities (56.10, version 2.0) (Source: SRS, CSB, ZO.LV)

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