Subscription types

Expert subscription

Lursoft offers its clients a number of database subscription options. Within the annual fee selected, the processing of various registry data and analytics services are provided according to the published price list and any applicable discounts.
As part of the collaboration agreement, the client will be provided with the following additional services:
Monitoring and Debtor Portfolio.

Client Portfolio monitoring

The Client Portfolio monitoring has become an irreplaceable tool in the everyday work of various specialists.
Subscribing to the monitoring service, you will be regularly notified of any registered changes in various government registries by e-mail. To use the advantages of monitoring, it is necessary to make lists, grouping them as needed (legal entities, natural persons, addresses, securities etc.) and specifying the events to be monitored.

Debtor Portfolio

The Debtor Portfolio makes it possible to achieve good results in debt repayment, allowing creditors to notify their debtors of any overdue obligations before any debt collection procedures take effect. Any overdue payments made are published in the Overdue payment database.

European Business Register subscription

The European Business Register provides online access to registries of 24 countries.
If up-to-date and legally justified information about foreign companies is needed, choose the EBR subscription. This service is also included in the Expert subscription.

News subscription

The newspaper library News subscription provides access to more than 100 newspapers in Latvia. Latest publications in the state-level and regional media are provided.
The articles are available in a digital format with options to search them or filter them according to the keywords specified. The archive of publications dates back to 1992.

Newspaper agent

The Agent is a monitoring tool of the newspaper library. Using it, you will always be kept up-to-date if there is any information published in any newspaper that matches the keywords set for the Agent. An e-mail letter with links to articles containing the monitored keywords will be sent at set time intervals.

Trial subscription

Apply and try Lursoft services for two weeks. During the trial subscription, you will gain information about the scope of services and how they can be used.