The Latvian Central Depository’s Data Base

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Lursoft is offering access to the data base of the Latvian Central Depository (LCD), containing records of issued public securities, the emissions, shareholder meetings, dividends and security indexes at the Riga Stock Exchange.

LCD data base contains:

  • Characteristics of securities issues. The title of issues, form of issue, size of issue, International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) code, Classification of Financial Instruments (CFI) codes, Riga Stock Exchange (RSE) code, nominal value, securities diversity, security forms, issues consignments.
  • Stock Holders. Stock holder listing of requested date. Company shareholder listings are comprised only of shareholders who have blocked their share participation for shareholders meetings and those who have not opened an account secured by the Latvian Central Depository Primary Register. These shareholders participation at shareholder meeting are blocked automatically. Data base of company shareholders is renewed after every company shareholders meeting.
  • Dividends. Payments of dividends for public securities, as of the public shares issued by the Latvian Central Depository.
  • Indexed Prices of the Riga Stock Exchange. Past 30 days indexes of the Riga Stock Exchange. The accessed weighed value indexes, including indexes of the previous session of a requested trade session.
  • Shareholders Meetings. Listings of company shareholders meetings, scheduled time, location, schedule and decisions reached. The company shareholders meetings are notified one month in advance of the scheduled meeting, and includes the scheduled time, location and schedule. Decisions reached at company shareholders meetings are submitted to LCD, where the decisions reached are published a few days after the meeting.

The data base is continually revised and information updated.

The Latvian Central Depository Data Base can be accessed by all Lursoft clients with Expert subscription. LCD index prices are listed in the data base.

If frequent and large access of LCD data base is required, we offer to sign specific subscription agreementy for this service. More information on the types of subscription and Lursoft data bases can be obtained at the Lursoft Customer Service Centre: Phone (+371) 67844300; e-mail:

To access the CLD data base, please connect through the system

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