The International Standards Book of Numeration (ISBN)

Since 1970, the International Standards Book of Numeration, ISBN, has been an international identification system published for retail.

The ISBN systems serves as a key element for publishers, book retailers, libraries and other institutional orders and accounts. The information is accessed basic indexed figures and other knowledge of catalogued information concerning new and upcoming publications.

ISBN numbers aide in universal publications, publication identification and barcoding.

Continuing their services in the circulation of documented entries, Lursoft, in conjunction with the Latvian National Library’s Bibliographical Institute, offers publishers the requirements needed for electronic applications for ISBN numbers, via the internet.

Access to electronic applications to the ISBN system, is approved to authorised representatives of publishers, who have signed a contract with Lursoft. Lursoft offers retail outlets the chance to familiarize themselves with the system, so to ensure further time saving and resources, by way of electronic document submissions.

For any assistance of access to the system and contract requirements, please, contact Lursoft Customer Service Centre by calling (+371) 67844300 or sending e-mail to

ISBN Registration System

The ISBN electronic registration system guarantees complete data circulation networks from the time of application until the number is issued.

To gain access to the system, it is necessary to register at Lursoft’s home page at

After completing registration requirements, please choose required section: "ISBN number registration".

Choosing the section “New Applications”, an application request form will open, where the distributor completes distribution details, which are obligatory for issue of ISBN number.

After completing the necessary data entries, the system offers to save information entered. The application will be stored in the section “My Application”, where information entered can be edited or deleted. When the distributor is convinced that the information is correct and concise, the information will be forwarded for the issue of an ISBN number.

One of the system’s biggest advantages is that the distributors relative schedule can be followed from point of request of application until its completion..