effective overview and monitoring of your clients

SIA “Lursoft IT” is constantly broadening the list of offered services, including monitoring types in the system. Our monitoring services will help you follow up with the most important changes in the data of your clients and business partners.

The main available monitoring types are:

  • Registration data change monitoring;
  • Liquidation monitoring;
  • Insolvency monitoring;
  • Company reorganization monitoring;
  • Physical person monitoring – Board memberships;
  • Physical person monitoring – Procurations;
  • Physical person monitoring - Shares;
  • Spousal property relation agreement registry monitoring;
  • Restriction monitoring;
  • VAT registry monitoring;
  • Annual Report monitoring;
  • Document monitoring;
  • Address monitoring;
  • Court case calendar monitoring;
  • Monitoring of licenses of companies' excise goods;
  • Monitoring of the register of building companies;
  • Newly registered subject monitoring;
  • Newly registered subject monitoring with a foreign capital share;
  • Newly registered subject monitoring in a predetermined geographical area;

According to the most current information in your possession, you will be able to make fast and precise decisions in the matters, which are related to the changes in data of your clients and partners.

In order to use the monitoring services:

    • Print the agreement;
    • Fill in all empty boxes (except for the “Agreement No.” – that will be assigned by Lursoft)
    • Sign 2 copies of the agreement and send them to Lursoft. Lursoft PO box address is: SIA Lursoft IT, Matīsa iela 8, Rīgā, LV-1001, Latvija;
    • Lursoft will then sign the agreement and you will be able to start using the Client Portfolio.

You will receive regular updates of the most current information regarding the newly registered events to the e-mail address you will provide and you will also be able to follow up the events of your interest in your personal Client Portfolio.