Tracked events

Company registry tracking
  • Registration data change events
    • Changes in the company name
    • Changes in the legal address
    • Changes in the business activities of the company
    • Changes in equity
    • Changes in equity holders
    • Changes in company executives
    • Changes in procurators
    • Suspension of business activities (Company Registry)
  • Liquidation events
    • Company liquidated
    • Liquidation process started
    • Liquidation process suspended
    • Business operations closed
    • Business operations resumed
  • Company reorganisation events
    • Merger
    • Demerger
    • Takeover
    • Partition
    • Change in the form of business organisation
    • Reorganisation contract project registered
  • Credit security events
    • New credit security registered
    • Credit security cancelled
  • Document events
    • New document available
    • Document technically obliterated
  • Annual return events
    • Annual return in its submitted form is available
    • Termination of the scanned annual return (entry)
    • Available submitted annual return — Balance
    • Available submitted annual return — P/L statement
    • Available submitted annual return — Cash flow
  • VAT registry tracking
    • Registration in the VAT registry
    • Exclusion from the VAT registry
  • Suspension of business activities tracking
    • Suspension of business activities (source: SRS)
    • Resumption of business activities (source: SRS)
Insolvency tracking
Insolvency tracking — Law on the Insolvency of Undertakings and Companies
Tracking of individuals
  • Marital contractual relations registration events ٭
    • Marital contract registration
    • Marital contract changes
    • Marital contract termination

٭ This tracking group offers the feature of tracking using the marital contract identification number

  • Suspension of the individual's business activities events
    • Business activities suspended
    • Business operations resumed
Commercial pledge tracking ٭
  • New commercial pledge registered
  • Commercial pledge deleted
  • Commercial pledge amended
  • Commercial pledge renewed
  • Commercial pledge transferred
  • Use of commercial pledge rights
  • Deleted — the 5 year term after the registration has expired
  • Commercial pledge term extended
  • Less than a month left until the expiration of the commercial pledge term

٭ This tracking group offers the feature of tracking using the registration note identification number

Court session calendar tracking
  • Planned session
  • Session information changed
Tracking of notifications in 'Latvijas Vēstnesis'
  • News on inheritance
  • Creditor, insolvency, bankruptcy notifications
  • Appointing withdraw the notification
  • Trustee revoked the power of attorney
  • Changes in ability to act
Late payment database tracking
  • New debt published
  • Debt repaid
  • New payment registered
  • Submitted to a debt collection company
  • Debt revoked
  • Debt repaid
  • New debt published (source: Paus Konsults)
  • Debt repaid (source: Paus Konsults)
SRS tax debt monitoring
  • The company has a tax debt of over EUR 150 (source: SRS)
  • Deleted record for tax debt in excess of EUR 150 (source:SRS)
  • Changed entry for tax debt amount (source: SRS)
Monitoring of licenses of companies' excise goods
  • New licence
  • Licence annulled
  • Licence cancelled
  • Licence expired
  • Licence renewed
  • The activity registered in the address of thecomapny's licence has been suspended
Monitoring of the register of building companies
  • Legal person registered as builder
  • Activity suspended
  • Expelled from the register
  • Activity renewed
  • Updated information
Holiday tracking
  • Name day tracking
  • Birthday tracking
  • Company anniversary tracking
  • Name day tracking (3-day reminder)
  • Birthday tracking (3-day reminder)
  • Company anniversary tracking (3-day reminder)
Address tracking
  • Company registered at the address
  • Company liquidated at the address
  • Company address changed
Real estate auctions monitoring
  • New real estate auction was registred in address
  • Real estate auction in address was ended
  • Real estate auction in address was stopped
CSDD events monitoring
  • Registered as owner of a vehicles
  • Entry on termination of ownership of the vehicle
  • Registered as holder of a vehicles
  • Entry on termination of holding the vehicle